Celebrating 125 Years

.J Layzell & Sons was founded in 1895 by Jeremiah Layzell. He set up partnership with George Woodland and together they built Horton Church. 

During the height of his success, before the first world war, Jeremiah employed 70 men. As well as building work they also constructed all types of waggons, carts, pony traps and gypsy caravans.

Brief History

1984-present day


1984 Peter’s two sons Harvey and Edward joined Peter in the firm.

J Layzell and Sons became a limited liability partnership in 1995 and Limited Company in 2009.

Harvey was awarded a SPAB Fellowship in 1994 travelling all over the country working with large specialist company’s in the field of restoration.

1962 to 1984


The firm focused on housing developments under the guidance of a new partnership formed by brothers Peter, Tim and  Michael. 

In 1962 Peter Layzell began work on his own house.

Jeremiah Wesley retired in 1980 and Peter continued to run the firm on his own in 1981.

1930 to 1962


 In 1930 Jeremiah worked with his sons Francis and Wesley,  on both farm buildings, making / repairing wagons and 

funeral directing and undertaking. This work meant that the Layzell’s were exempt from the war.

Jeremiah died in 1941 and his son Jeremiah Wesley moved into general building; first single buildings then whole sites in Broadway and Chard.

Between December 26th 1962 and March 1963, the UK had one of its coldest winters since 1947 and during this time new workshops for the firm were built and remain today.