Our Work

Public Buildings


Our clients from large national bodies know that we are experienced with working on historic buildings that are open to the public.

These include churches, monuments and houses. 

Private Clients


Our private clients properties range from small beautiful cottages to large country estates. We can offer advice on care and preservation and can carry out minor repairs or complete renovation.

New Build


We undertake the complete building of modern properties and also the building of modern extensions. 

We are proud to be known locally for the high standards and quality of our new build. 

The Importance of Tradition


We have long been passionate campaigners ensuring craftsmanship is handed down father to son. This is a tradition that ensures thorough solid training and that ancient skills are not lost.

The Importance of Utility


Re-purposing buildings is key to ensuring they fulfil their usefulness and in true arts and crafts style we pride ourselves on marrying the aesthetic with utility. 

The Importance of Quality


As a family business our name is our business and we strive to ensure that name means quality.